Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

Long time no see!

It has been an awful long time since I updated… Well, lets start with the good news: Jason is married now! And you would think: they lived happily ever after… But life’s a bitch, and so the story goes on. The surgeries Jason had to undergo were meant to take out the mass in his head and to stop the seizures he was getting from it.
But, to face the truth, they did not. They kept coming and keep coming, no matter what medicine he took. So they decided to (hopefully) put an end to all this by performing further surgeries.








Keep fighting, Jason! I'll post the updates as they come...
Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

It's been a long time...

Eight months. It has been almost 8 months since Jason had to undergo surgery – not only once, but thrice. Brain surgery, remember? Where others would be frightened to death he joked with his doctors about not wanting to come out of the ER straight… where others still would be too cautious, too aware of their new condition, Jason went back to work after three months. 3 months.

Wolverine is the nickname that surrounded Jason like a satellite those days – and yeah, it seems really fitting. Yes, there are still the scars from the surgeries – to be honest, of course they will never go away completely – but although they are pretty big, they don’t spoil him, because his presence is too captivating for the scars to be noticed by an observer more than just peripheral.
It didn’t take long that he started working out again, too – and playing volleyball with his brothers and friends, a sport he loves to practice. In November, he even participated in the Capital City Classic Volleyball Tournament 2011 and did quite a good job. ;)  Not only as  advertiser and bartender but as player as well!


Oh, did I mention that they made a calendar for 2012 with the athletes? And now guess who’s Mr. Centerfold ;) – right – Jason!

And YES – you can get the calendar by donating 20 $ to the CCVL's Capital City Classic NAGVA Volleyball Tournament. All proceeds will support the Tournament held Nov. 12 & 13 – for more information please contact - maybe you can snatch one, too!
The photo shooting was good for Jason’s self-confidence, and Fernando Roberto, the photographer, did a great job in portraying him, because of course he’s worried about his scars.  

Sounds all great… but he’s still fighting the aftereffects from the surgeries. And still has to take his medicines! For almost another two years, so the doctors say. So there are still a lot of bills to be paid…


Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

Getting better day by day

Yes, it seems as if the tables finally turn. Jason is allowed to get out of bed and go for a little walk in the hospital hall.

And one of the drains is gone… *yay*

Jason is sobered, he knows although he is on the road to recovery, it is still a very very long one.

On May, 24th 2011, Jason is finally released for the last time from hospital. He is glad and looking forward, hoping it REALLY is the last time he has to see a hospital from inside.

Last words from his mom…

And from Jason.


Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

Finally on the road to recovery… but it’s a rocky one

Jason’s mom keeps everyone updated. Her words are rather worrying, though.

The pain is still extremely high; almost unbearable, but Jason is a fighter!

Although the news are not really breathtaking, Jason’s mom and he himself clutch at every straw.

The stress of the last weeks show on Jason; he has dropped weight and rather looks skinny, and still there is this horrible pain…And the weight of the bills to pay on his shoulders.

But it’s getting better. Again words from Jason’s mom.

Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

Do the bad news never end? Another setback...

It is almost like a repetition: family, friends and fans sigh with relief that Jason obviously made it pretty good through the second surgery. But then – no word from Jason for more than two days. And when his mother finally speaks up on his Facebook-account on May, 16th, everyone knows that worst case has happened: Jason has to undergo surgery for a third time since the pain has gotten too much and he is very sensitive to sounds and light. The doctors have terrible news for the family:

His mother, Kathleen, hovers over him and watches every progress. It is a very stressful and sad time for the family of Jason.

From now on it is she who informs friends and fans about the status of Jason – again…

But Jason is not to stop to report personally just some time after waking up.

Words from a worried mother…

And finally an explanation what happened.

Jason is fighting, but it is hard with all the pain. Still he knows how important the people around him are and finds some words for them.

Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

The second surgery

Jason is able to pay the first batch of medication from the money his family, friends and fans gave him through the fund raising and thanks them all through a heartfelt letter.

But the relief of being on the road to recovery is only short-lived…


On May, 11th 2011 Jason informs his friends and fans that he has to have another surgery the next day. The pain has gotten worse instead of better, and when the doctors examine him, they find that the tissue they implanted during the first surgery that should protect Jason’s brain has a hole.

It is a very dangerous situation and there is no way around this second surgery. Jason is frightened… and still tries to comfort his friends, tries to pretend everything is going to be okay.

This new surgery will add another enormous sum to his already high bills. And the doctors also inform him that there is a 10 percent chance of infection with this second surgery. Jason feels horrible.

Some hours later the procedure is done and Jason back in the recovery room. He is in terrible pain, trying to distract himself from that.




Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan


Jason recovers pretty good, as it seems to everyone. However, the big scar and the burns from the surgery worry him, of course. Who wouldn't, on the other hand?

A step into the right direction is when they remove the staples that keep the wound together. Jason is so happy he could embrace the whole world! And the best news: the tumor is as good as gone...

But it doesn't stay that way... A swelling formed where the scar is and the doctor sends Jason back to the ER on May, 9th. Jason is really worried and scared. And in pain.

The doctors decide to keep Jason in hospital. The swelling has to be drained. Jason is frightened, of course.

Some hours later Jason is through the procedure. And soon joking again...

So... is this it? Is it over now? Again everyone is hoping and praying that this is the case...