Jordan Jaric (jordanjaric) wrote,
Jordan Jaric

Do the bad news never end? Another setback...

It is almost like a repetition: family, friends and fans sigh with relief that Jason obviously made it pretty good through the second surgery. But then – no word from Jason for more than two days. And when his mother finally speaks up on his Facebook-account on May, 16th, everyone knows that worst case has happened: Jason has to undergo surgery for a third time since the pain has gotten too much and he is very sensitive to sounds and light. The doctors have terrible news for the family:

His mother, Kathleen, hovers over him and watches every progress. It is a very stressful and sad time for the family of Jason.

From now on it is she who informs friends and fans about the status of Jason – again…

But Jason is not to stop to report personally just some time after waking up.

Words from a worried mother…

And finally an explanation what happened.

Jason is fighting, but it is hard with all the pain. Still he knows how important the people around him are and finds some words for them.

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