Jordan Jaric (jordanjaric) wrote,
Jordan Jaric

It's been a long time...

Eight months. It has been almost 8 months since Jason had to undergo surgery – not only once, but thrice. Brain surgery, remember? Where others would be frightened to death he joked with his doctors about not wanting to come out of the ER straight… where others still would be too cautious, too aware of their new condition, Jason went back to work after three months. 3 months.

Wolverine is the nickname that surrounded Jason like a satellite those days – and yeah, it seems really fitting. Yes, there are still the scars from the surgeries – to be honest, of course they will never go away completely – but although they are pretty big, they don’t spoil him, because his presence is too captivating for the scars to be noticed by an observer more than just peripheral.
It didn’t take long that he started working out again, too – and playing volleyball with his brothers and friends, a sport he loves to practice. In November, he even participated in the Capital City Classic Volleyball Tournament 2011 and did quite a good job. ;)  Not only as  advertiser and bartender but as player as well!


Oh, did I mention that they made a calendar for 2012 with the athletes? And now guess who’s Mr. Centerfold ;) – right – Jason!

And YES – you can get the calendar by donating 20 $ to the CCVL's Capital City Classic NAGVA Volleyball Tournament. All proceeds will support the Tournament held Nov. 12 & 13 – for more information please contact - maybe you can snatch one, too!
The photo shooting was good for Jason’s self-confidence, and Fernando Roberto, the photographer, did a great job in portraying him, because of course he’s worried about his scars.  

Sounds all great… but he’s still fighting the aftereffects from the surgeries. And still has to take his medicines! For almost another two years, so the doctors say. So there are still a lot of bills to be paid…


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