Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

A long journey ahead

Everyone is relieved when Jason's mom tweeted that he did it - he survived the surgery, he is stable although he has to stay in ICU (of course). Now it is time to recover!

Heartbreaking words from a mother to her beloved son...

And recover does he... again thanks to his good physical shape he is back on his feet in no time. After unbelievable 2 days he is tweeting again... And his fears are back, too...

On April 24th 2011 he doesn't have to stay in ICU any longer - and one day later is even allowed to go home! A relief for him, since every day in hospital enhances the costs he has to pay. But still... nothing is as good as it was before - of course!

Someone brings up the thought of makin a fund raising for Jason - first directly via his paypal-account, then with some more information about why to give him money via Facebook.

The thought of asking other people, unknown people for help is a very uncomforting one and Jason is fighting hard with himself, but finally gives in and decides to do so. No-one is forced to help, but every help is highly appreciated and welcome.

But! There are still some rays of hope, and Jason is grabbing them gladly.

It really seems that everything is gonna be okay...
Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan

A shock that changes a life


Well – what do you do when you almost bit your tongue off after a seizure? And if you had two or three of them? Right – you go to a hospital to have a checkup.




That’s what Jason did on April 13th 2011 after this happened to him. The diagnosis is a shock: There is a mass in his brain, and the doctors cannot tell what it is for sure. Cancer? No cancer? Malign? Benign? One thing is sure, though: Jason has to undergo surgery.




All right but – Jason is a young man, doing sports, living healthy – and doesn’t have an insurance… He knows he needs the surgery, he knows there is no way around it – but of course he is worried about the bills to come. He is tweeting his fears, his worries, shares his thoughts.




On April 21st Jason is back in hospital to get the tumor removed. Even now, only hours from the difficult and dangerous surgery he has not lost his unique sense of humor,

spending his time with chatting with people all over the world that wish him all the best and try to calm him down.



After he was put under anesthesia it is his mother that keeps family, friends and the www updated on Jason’s status. The doctors perform an exhausting 18-hours-surgery on Jason who gets very well through it  – thanks to his otherwise good physical condition. The doctors cannot remove the whole tumor, though; there is tissue wrapped around blood vessels.


Several hours later it is verified that the tumor is NOT cancerous. Very good news and a relief to everyone. Now Jason only has to stay stable and recover!

Isn't his mom awesome?!


Jordan Jaric, Jason Hanan


This is an account I created to support Jordan Jaric aka Jason Hanan, who had to have 3 brain surgeries within less than a month. This account is officially approved by Jason, so – any questions, just ask ;)

Within the next days I will post the story of Jason – former Falcon Studios adult entertainment star Jordan Jaric and now just Jason again. He’s been through a lot and needs all assistance he can get!